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Ode to Winter

Ode to Winter

Mereu mi-au placut dupa-amiezile de duminica, iarna.

Cand nu e nimeni pe drum.

Incremenirea aia specifica.

A copacilor.

A intregii naturi.

Cand nici pasarile nu mai canta.

Cand toata lumea e pe la casele lor.

Cumva, atunci am senzatia ca ar putea sa inceapa sa cada fulgii de nea, asa, usor usor – ca si cum ar fi cel mai firesc lucru de pe pamant.


P.S.: Cafeaua calduta e cea mai lame: nici calda, nici rece. Senzatia de in between e pur si simplu intolerabila.

P.P.S.: Mai tii minte cand am oprit timpul in loc ?


The Wait

The Wait

Waiting for winter.

Waiting for snow to fall heavenly silent, just like it used to in my childhood.

Waiting for the stillness of a cold winter night – that feeling that the whole world stalls and that time has stopped, forever frozen.

Waiting to see that soft shimmering, crystal-like reflection of street lamps onto snow.

Waiting for purity.

Waiting for harmony.

Waiting for the end of all these silly ego clashes.

Waiting for people to be kinder to one another.