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Highlight of the day: un pug pe nume Balonas. Totally random. Efect funny garantat.

Highlight of the day 2: La metrou.

Eu: Ia uite ce baloane dragut colorate.

S: Hai sa le furam.

Eu: Nu, ca mi-e rusine; n-am furat nimic in viata mea.

S: Mi-ai furat mie inima.

Eu: ….?! 🙂 (awwwww)


1 2 3 – Gotcha

1 2 3 – Gotcha

Leaving the office today, a totally random stranger involved me in a trifling discussion in the elevator. Just like that, out of the blue.

I found it both amusing and bewildering at the same time – at this rate, I’ll be fucking discussing the theory of relativity some day with the CEO.

Can’t help wondering though if this happens because I seem approachable and easygoing or rather because I tend to gracefully ignore people ? I have found that the more you do that, the more they are drawn to you.

I think I’m gonna stick with the latter – makes total sense.




She is your average person, and yet so much more. A daughter, sister, friend, colleague, someone’s best friend, a girl, a woman. She is fire and ice, passion and indifference.

She can be both pragmatic and idealist – just like she can switch from one foreign language to another.

She has known sadness and happiness, extreme pain and utter joy. She has had her heart broken and yet she hasn’t lost hope.

She has made mistakes like everyone else but she has learnt from them – she didn’t mean to cause any harm in all her mistakes.

She has been down and she has been high – oh, so high – and now she is confident that everything will be ok. She learnt to let go and stop trying to control things. To have trust – she feels more powerful than ever before. Fearless.

She has come to find out that there is something greater than us out there – God. She felt his comforting presence in her dreams and all around her in the hardest moments of her life.

She learnt from a very tender age that life is a gift – the most precious gift of all. One that cannot be toyed with. She lost loved people in her life but she learnt to move on and live with the pain and accept that this is just how life works. She learnt that we only have one life and that we should make the most of it and live it beautifully, based on our principles.

She is so many things but the most important of all, she is true to herself. And that is more than enough.

One Week

One Week

If I were to describe the days of the week as if they were people, they would probably look like this:


Monday – The Grumpy One

  • You know Monday’s going to be the toughest one ever since Sunday’s anxiety kicks in at about 8 PM. This day is all about managing to survive despite the long gone effects of the weekend bliss, starting with the blackest coffee in the morning, attending the monthly team meeting, skipping lunch and submitting that urgent staff report to the HR department.

Tuesday – The Average One

  • At least this one starts better – you haven’t hit the snooze button even once. Fresh and clean post morning shower, you struggle to make your way through the crowds on your daily commute to the office. This shouldn’t be long, you encourage yourself, already irritated after someone stepped on your toes – it’s fine, really ma’am, don’t worry about it. You manage to find an empty seat and you delve into your graphic novel.

Wednesday – The Optimistic One

  • The brief meditation session in the morning works wonders – you are managing Wednesday like a pro. Interesting chat with a colleague about a career change and going solo as an entrepreneur – who wouldn’t want to work for themselves instead of focusing to achieve sales targets and KPIs ? A really good discussion – apparently all this office chit chat isn’t nonsense after all. Going to see a movie inspired by video games after work with your bestie – you smile, looking forward to that.

Thursday – The Active One

  • Bacon and eggs breakfast morning, coffee after lunch to boost your productivity and intense workout at the nearby gym in the evening. Sometimes you wonder why all these people exercise – just to keep fit, because they have nothing else better to do or because they want to look more attractive in the eyes of the others ? The instructor is ruthless and brutally interrupts your stream of thoughts – at least your abs will thank you later.

Friday – The Relaxed One

  • Enjoying a glass of wine with your significant other on the best rooftop terrace in the city, caressed by the soft sunset beams – silence is just better in two.

Saturday – The “Lazy pants” One

  • Binge watching Netflix all day, shamelessly ignoring the house chores, having to go to the supermarket for groceries or the fact that your cat is literally screaming at you asking for food. I have two words for you – couch potato.

Sunday – The Mellow One

  • Just sitting in at Starbucks enjoying a coffee while working at designing your website. What you like the most about this place is that it feels like home, the barista already knows your order and the background jazz music is so relaxing. Making plans for the holiday – it has to be sunny and warm, far-off to feed your wanderlust and absolutely amazing. Actually, I’m going to go buy that perfect swim suit right now out of pure excitement. Monday anxiety will kick in later but who cares ?