Month: November 2022



The third one – Day Three:

“Write a gratitude letter to the person who has offered you great advice in life”

“To my dad

Hey Dad,

For a second, I was stuck. I didn’t know what to write.

This happens when there’s a disconnection coming from the mind, given what it knows – the unknowable. A conflict of the mind and the heart, the past and the present.

When I read the prompt for today, I nevertheless immediately (almost unconsciously) thought of you.

You truly were (are? – see what I mean?) the greatest advisor in my life.

Your principles.

Your values.

Your advice.

All too precious.

Always listened to – very carefully.

Always enjoyed our discussions.

My inner voice starts to crack, my voice starts to tremble, tears start to form at the corner of my eyes.

Sometimes indeed, words are futile.

But feelings – never.

What the heart knows –  is never futile.

That is where the truth lies – and it has always.

There are moments even now when, faced with a dilemma, a conundrum, I think and wonder what you would have advised me to do.

I think this says a lot.

And in those moments, when I overcome that initial disconnection I was mentioning, I actually speak with you.

I actually find my answer from you.

I see you in my dreams – so vividly.

Your presence is within me, in my heart and in my soul, and will always be.”

11 Day Thank You Challenge – Day 2

11 Day Thank You Challenge – Day 2

The second one – Day Two:

“Write a gratitude letter to someone who has been a good listener in your life”

“To V.

Hey there my love,

Thanks for really listening to me – thanks for being there.

Sometimes, I fail to understand just how carefully you listen to my heart – and I hurt you.

Sorry for wounding your beautiful soul…it’s the last thing I want to do to you in this world.”

11 Day Thank You Challenge – Day 1

11 Day Thank You Challenge – Day 1

I have embarked upon an 11 Day Thank You Challenge on Gratitude app and I intend to stick to it cause I find it interesting 🙂

So here’s the first one – Day One:

Write a gratitude letter to someone who always makes you laugh”

“To C.

Hey girl,

Thanks for your hilarious jokes, memes and weird sense of humour! I totally love it 🙂 <3

You always make me laugh!”