Scoliosis does not define anyone

Scoliosis does not define anyone

If you look at the statistics and infographics, Romania is among the first countries in Europe with a high rate of scoliosis in children and teenagers.

And yet, there is currently no dedicated NGO for this in our country. The only good initiative I saw while doing some research was a camp dedicated to children suffering from scoliosis, organized by Ortoprofil.

Nothing else apart from this – no initiatives to educate people, no legislation for school screening programs to be implemented.

Not even one single NGO. Or project to raise awareness.

For a condition as serious as this, bearing severe implications, I personally find that nothing much has been done, which is rather concerning, to say the very least.

Let’s see some facts and figures:

  • 80% of children and teenagers suffering from scoliosis are girls.
  • 5% of the children in Romania are suffering from this condition (2-3% global population)
  • 11% – white people are suffering from this
  • Some claim it can be genetic, while others claim it’s not – it’s quite controversial, as is the fact that its cause is unknown. There are also some opinions it might be influenced by a hormone  called leptin (which could explain the higher rates in females?), or theories of congenital or intrauterine conditions. It’s really hard to say, I guess.
  • Other factors which contribute to it: a period of sudden growth (especially at puberty; the thoracolumbar type has an even earlier onset); inadequate footwear; a deficit in vitamin D; heavy backpack; incorrect position at desk.

I created two Facebook pages, one for a national approach, the other global, with a hope to help raise awareness and build a community.

Traiesc cu Scolioza:

Living with scoliosis:


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