Month: May 2020

Why I am a feminist (and not, at the same time)

Why I am a feminist (and not, at the same time)

Was reading the other day a book on modern feminism and it just occurred to me that my father was a feminist in essence.

I always felt it, I just did not realize it at the moment.

Why so ?

Because he always used to tell me that I should aim to be an independent woman, to fight for what I want, to make it happen.

He was a firm believer that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve it – no matter how hard it might seem. Nothing is impossible.

And that a woman should strive to ensure her independence, so as not to depend on a man.

In this sense, he was a true inspiration to me – and a feminist in the good sense, not exaggerating things.

How unusual, some might argue, for a man to be a feminist.

Because nowadays I see that on this topic, some express some rather distorted views.

To me, feminism should be more about accepting (and embracing) the differences between men and women, trying to work better together, to achieve things. And women should embrace their feminine side.

Of course, they should also be assertive and realize their strength, abilities and qualities – and express them, but not aggressively. Aggression leads nowhere.

I feel however reassured that we are going in the right direction and making progress, seeing all the initiatives and amazing work women have done so far.

So I am optimistic about the next thing to come – we are slowly shifting the patriarchal paradigm.