Month: December 2017



A friend of mine asked me the other day about my New Year’s resolutions and wishes.

I was a bit taken aback by the question and paused, not knowing exactly what to say. I am usually the kind of person who makes NY’s resolutions at the end of each year, to-do lists, goals and plans and so on – well, at least I have been so far.

This year though I will not make such kind of resolutions as before and instead, focus on main keywords, to guide me through the year ahead, such as strength, good health, hope, being surrounded by my loved ones.

This year has taught me a great wealth of things and has enriched my life experience to a large extent. I have learned that even the best laid-out plans can simply not materialize. I have learned that certain things simply cannot be forced and that sometimes, the best thing is just to let go and stop trying to control things, and hope for the best.

Everything will set into place when the time is right.



If you only listen, you can hear the sounds of life itself.

(recollecting a childhood scene, marked by the sheer beauty of a sunset over the hill where the church used to lay – the sounds of children playing, the sounds of a summer evening in a small city)



She is your average person, and yet so much more. A daughter, sister, friend, colleague, someone’s best friend, a girl, a woman. She is fire and ice, passion and indifference.

She can be both pragmatic and idealist – just like she can switch from one foreign language to another.

She has known sadness and happiness, extreme pain and utter joy. She has had her heart broken and yet she hasn’t lost hope.

She has made mistakes like everyone else but she has learnt from them – she didn’t mean to cause any harm in all her mistakes.

She has been down and she has been high – oh, so high – and now she is confident that everything will be ok. She learnt to let go and stop trying to control things. To have trust – she feels more powerful than ever before. Fearless.

She has come to find out that there is something greater than us out there – God. She felt his comforting presence in her dreams and all around her in the hardest moments of her life.

She learnt from a very tender age that life is a gift – the most precious gift of all. One that cannot be toyed with. She lost loved people in her life but she learnt to move on and live with the pain and accept that this is just how life works. She learnt that we only have one life and that we should make the most of it and live it beautifully, based on our principles.

She is so many things but the most important of all, she is true to herself. And that is more than enough.